Orange juice in the morning.

John Trainor








No orange juice is not my chosen drink in the mornings, one because it can’t do the tough job of waking me up in the morning & two because is tastes disgusting after you’ve brushed your teeth.
I’m actually talking about the strange 80s band Orange juice & their track, Rip it up.
Not only is it a great song but the lyrics relate allot to an average day at the SCA, mainly because it uses the phrase “Rip it up & start again” about 20 times, the same amount of times I do with my work. I’m slowly getting better at letting ideas go though I don’t rip them up like in the song, it’s not that im not strong enough it’s just that we have been told to keep all the scamps and notes we get through as they might hold the answer to a future problem.
 Depending on your age you will know the song I’m talking about (not too sure how I found it) and if you haven’t listened to it you should and probably will after reading this, so here’s a link so you can sing along.


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