Our Last Interview Day – By @ohunterjenkins

Owen Hunter Jenkins

By Owen Hunter Jenkins


Our Last Interview Day


We’re coming to the time in SCA where there’s a lot of ‘lasts’. Yesterday was the last interview day we as Coup got to witness. And for my money, it was one of the best.
One fella created his own funeral. Another, made us partake in a ceremonial burning of her portfolio. One girl feel asleep, and awoke to give us booze. The problem though, is that there’s only three places left for next year’s intake. Meaning that most of yesterday’s talent won’t get in. Even though, in my eyes, they all deserve to. 
It got me thinking about some of the ‘firsts’ that we were told when we arrived at SCA. One of them was about timing. Sometimes it’s not about being the best, it’s about being the first. Were told that we should make topical ads when things happen in the world, and get them out quickly so they’re relevant. If you were to push out a topical now about England smashing Wales yesterday, you’d be too late. It wouldn’t be relevant. 
The first group of interviewees at SCA may not have been the best, but they were the first. They found out about the course early, acted fast and took the opportunity as soon as they could. Because of that, most of them have probably been nursing places and working on their scholarship entries already. 
Hats off to them. But for the ‘lasts’, don’t be disheartened. It wasn’t you, it was probably your timing, and in my eyes, that’s the easy thing to get better at. 

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