Our very worst ideas – By @coupSCA


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16



Having just entered our attempts at world-changing-mind-blowingly-amazing- award-winning Cannes Future Lions ideas, Coup reflects on the opposite. 
A round up of some of our very worst ideas. 

Adriano : Rainbow hairy shoulder that creates skittles

Katy : I wanted to invent Birdman for Birds Custard. A magical man that ran around throwing custard at things to improve them. (best example: a bald man given a custard toupee)
Orla : gear stick dildo for the zoe car. Still the worst thing I have ever presented.
Chloe : For Oddbins wine shop. A bottle of water with the label reading “what would Jesus do?”
Matthew B : Pillows that talk to lonely old people while they sleep
Ben : worst/best: Kit the KitKat Cat Catsley
Seb : American Express: Because your wife needs a hobby.

Becci : Panadol – for when you need to fake a headache
Dennis : Golden Gym: Don’t feel like an elephant!
Nick K :  Bugaboo (baby pushchair): become a yummy mummy
Drew : The menstrual maggot: lets sort out this bloody mess
Laura : peaceful poo – poo shaped candles.
Angus : don’t shit yourself – immodium
Federica : You’re annoying when you’re Ill, with ranj, it was that medicine brief in term one
Blaž : Smart urn that talks to you.
Alicia: Trying to sell olives without a line, by drawing an african man jumping off a bridge doing a ‘ritual’.
Nick L : Partnering with Seb
Zac : One of my last Instagram accounts
Ethan : Focusing too much on awards
Georgia : Ryan Air separate flights for babies, obese and lads.
Bea :  A slutty carrot for Blue dragon
Roman : Selling Kit Kat in a cigarette packaging.
“Have a break, have a quick fag”
Matt K : Consuming booze in the presence of you guys. And this bad idea then lead to a number of other bad ideas, such as inviting a random nigerian security guard to my wedding.
Laurens:  Loos of London
Rhiannon : TrapHoney.

Nihal : Dressing Kennedy up as a slutty frenchman/CEO of Renault to sell electric cars
Sokaina :Funeral/dating service. think the line is thin between worst and best idea tho, so still holding on to it.
Yours comically, 

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