Time To Think On My Own, by @Goodworkmyboy

Søren Birk

By Søren Birk


Time To Think On My Own


Apparently I am the type who needs time to think before I make a decision on everything no matter if its big or small. I also spend a lot of time reflecting why people react the way they do (specially myself) and how a situation can be changed to something better.


In a way it reminds me a lot of the lection on street wisdom we have had a few times now. For me i doesn’t work to call it street wisdom I think I would rename it to time wisdom only because it would work for me. Time to let the thought growth. The most important thing for me is that I can relax and give some time and space for good thinking.


Time to think in partnership

Sometimes I find myself not put any thinking in the answer i’m giving and that turns out to be very strange and not special convincing answer. When Charlie and I are building ideas together, we typically bring different stuff to the table and when he ask me about something I sometimes delay the answer to give him something better. Then Charlie says “I’m listening …”. Other times it’s me who just talks where Charlie then says “I’ll have a think cigarette”


Time to think creative thoughts

I think best when I can’t be disturbed by people, or when I’m not tempted to talk to some. When I need space and time to think I sometime find the school too much and need to leave. I’ve found a “secret” place where I can be create my own space and not get disturb. Its on a Mcdonald. Yeah, many looks strange at me when I say that, but the top floor in Brixton have a panorama view and huge table to work at and it’s even better when I take the headphones on.

Now its time for me to do more thinking or prepare for it…

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