Pardon the Interruption: Relevant Abruption

The man, the myth, the advertising legend, Steve Harrison, came in this week to give us his 3rd Masterclass. Previously, we focused on the problem/solution dynamic. This time was all about the twist—the relevant abruption—the thing that takes ads from good to great. 

To do this well, you need to start with a solid brief. If the brief isn’t right, the work won’t be right. And according to Steve, it’s not our job as creatives to work out the brief, the strategy, the proposition. He said this in front of one of our strategy mentors, who has been working with us for the past five months on crafting our own propositions…awkward! Don’t worry, they duked it out after class.

Anyway, a relevant abruption interrupts your prospect by drawing their attention to the benefit they will derive from using the product or service you’re selling. It must have a sudden and unexpected impact.

The best way to learn how to do these? Learn from the best ones ever done.

Stay relevant! Be unexpected! Enough said. 


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