This is the ultimate How-to-move-to-another-country Guide (earth-emoji and sunglasses) by @MalouStitz

Malou Stitz

By Malou Stitz


This is the ultimate How-to-move-to-another-country Guide (earth-emoji and sunglasses)


Oh well.. I wish it was. Frankly, I don’t have a clue. I’ll be moving to London this September.. Okay – that’s no biggie you might think. Many before me have done that. Yes, but HOW? How do I finance it all? What about all of my things? I’m the kind of girl who uses ALL of the luggage allowance when travelling, even if it’s just for a few days. You never know what life brings you so of course you need 80 pairs of shoes, 30 books (one thicker than the other) an outfit for every situation you can think of (like chasing thunderstorms or finding Neverland) and of course, my beloved King Size air mattress if you’re near the sea. So how to put my life into ONE suitcase? (emoji with big eyes) Get rid of it all and start over? Naaah. I’ll be broke as ****! Just keeping it to a minimum? Can’t do that. I NEEED my coffee machine AND my KitchenAid (mixer). Of course I do… Then what? Just take it as we go. Mom and dad can send me what I’ve left behind, if this is something I can’t live without. YES. That will be my master plan. I’ll pack my magical Disney suitcase, jump on it to get it to closed, send 10 or so boxes by a removal company and make the best of it.

I’ve got in to SCA and there’s nothing stopping me now (cool sunglass emoji)

Over and out

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