Partners – By @PipBaines13

By Philippa Baines





As the tremors of D&AD faded, another bomb was dropped. You could choose new partners. I’d wanted to work with Dan since Christmas so teaming up for 10 days made sense. Unfortunately, this meant leaving my other two brilliant partners.


SCA is unique in its ability to offer students the chance to work with a lot of people. I think this is great as you never really know who’s going to bring out the creative best in you. Each swap is an opportunity to learn about another brain and your own.


Thought I’d write an ode to each partner I’ve had since the beginning.


Becky: I’m so glad you were my first proper partner. Your high-bullshit detector, humour and positive attitude made for a really fun experience. Our first Monty-Pythonesque yoga campaign is still my flatmate’s favourite and I loved your recent foray into line-drawn animation. I nearly cried watching it and hey, surely that’s always the aim with storytelling. All hail Becky.


James: My moral on the course was at the lowest when I was working with you (apologies!) but you kept me on track with common sense and relaxed outlook. Your rap to encourage Premier league supporters to clean their house with Mr Sheen before a match will always make me laugh. One of my favourite first term memories was having a rip off drink at the Marriott hotel in central London with you. What a view, that’s the kind of work I like.


Jono: Mate, you are voracious. It’s wonderful to see someone tinker with an idea on illustrator and after effects and for everything to work. What I particularly like though is your considered view of the world and love of Harry and Paul. Thanks also for helping me out with software when I’m about to punch my laptop in. You’re not so much a fellow student as a young guru.


Melina: It’s working with you that I realized we could do this advertising thing. We smashed out idea after idea and they seemed to work really well. It was great. You make amazing sandwiches, ‘babe’ is now in most conversations I have and I love going through all the twists and turns of the creative process with you. Fingers crossed for our D&AD entry and even if it doesn’t win, my life’s all the richer for you showing me the Greek comedy skit with the Paralympian.


Petra:  My favourite creations have all come through working with you. The Jameson’s firebucket challenge and flame-grillology have a common theme: risky fun. Ultimately I hope I keep having that for the rest of my career. You’re a fabulous presenter, always making me laugh and such a hard worker. An asset to any partnership. 


Dan: It’s been 2 days. You have to earn an ode. I accept credit cards and chocolate bars. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.


So there you are. A bit of gushing love for all my past partners. With a few months before we settle down, you’ve got to play the field to know all the players. When else will we have this opportunity again in our careers?


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