Playing with Generative Fill

It seems everyone is playing with AI recently. ChatGPT was huge when it came out but now that’s old news. There are so many AI platforms and various different implementations around. Things are moving so fast, that if you miss one train the destination changes before you can catch the next one.

Midjourney is the talk of the town now and it is the most interesting one for a creative person to explore. SCA alumni and mentors have already been posting their experiments with it. I realised that I had to catch an early train, if I wanted to write about it. So, I decided to test the Beta version of Adobe’s Generative Fill. With SCA portfolio day round the corner, I was spending hours on it anyway. I have captured some images and prompts so you get some understanding of what it’s like.

Preparation: To get started, you are going to need an image to work with. So, first you need to select the image that you want to work with. I generated an image on an AI image generator, Dalle with the prompt of “Jetpack golfing in Spacecity”. I then brought this image into Photoshop to start. You have to download the beta version of Photoshop to test this out.

Test 1: Move the Tee

Select the area on the grass, where you want to place the tee. You can now type the words to describe what you want to fill this with. I used the words ‘golf flag post and a tee”. As you can see below, the software simply moved the ball and didn’t manage to go any further than the word ‘golf’ in its generative fill ‘search’.

Test 2: Flagpost

So, I thought it may be my keywords that were to be blamed. So this time I changed it to just ‘flag post’, then decided to add a simple triangular flag which I could then edit to align. None of it worked, and some of the results were pretty funny.

Test 3: Pin

I gave up with the flag and decided a pin may be the closed to the tee, and this wasn’t too bad a result.

Hope this SCAB is useful for the rest of Honey (the cohort’s name) to know what they can get out of this feature in the beta version. Here’s one last test, in a moon colony. Interestingly it was pretty good at adding an advertisement board, so perhaps it may be good for mockups.


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