I Think, Therefore Iris

The  boring  part:

Whether you call them straplines, slogans, or taglines, you´ll know a good one when you see or hear it. 

A strapline is a short sentence or phrase that sums up what your brand is all about, reflecting your company values and providing a deafferenting identity and personality. A good strapline can be your best friend, because it can provide a thread of consistency to together a varied and diverse campaign.

The fun part:

So, I tried a free slogan maker that I found on the internet (technology am I right?!). Let´s see how it goes: 

Don’t play with fire, play with Iris

Stay cool with Iris!

Hallelujah, it’s an Iris

Kick ass with Iris!

Enjoy Iris

Iris´s like heaven 

Gonna Be a While? Grab an Iris

Take what you want but leave Iris alone!

Iris, good (my favourite)

Reach out and Touch Iris

I´m Cuckoo for Iris 

Iris solves your problems

Naughty, but Iris. 

The World´s Local Iris

Get your daily dose of Iris

Kids would do anything for Iris (….??)

Iris is always the one

Iris, since 1845

Iris just what the doctor ordered

Because I´m Worth Iris

My Iris, your Iris, Iris for all!

No-one Does Chicken Like Iris

My Iris is better than your Iris 

(Feel free to slide your top 3 to my dm)

The moral of this scab: You don’t always need a strapline.



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