Pleasure, Flow, Meaning

I try to organise my life. There already has been an improvement but I want to be perfectly organised. 

Trying to do so I sometimes got carried away.  
Like, for example, when I created at least 13 calendars for different activities, colour coded according to how important or relaxed activity should be. The only calendar I skipped should have scheduled recurring meetings every morning and be coloured in brown. 
Or when I shared my ‘calls’ calendar with family and friends, scheduled them for calls and asked them to schedule a call with me, which I adjusted afterwards. 
Yes, I really tried hard to make myself look busy. 
But than I came across short video  of Ping Fu’s talk on Creative Mornings. 
She is talking about three things, she believes, one must do to remain happy and fulfilled – Pleasure, Flow and Meaning. 
Pleasure, in her opinion, are little things we do for ourselves – shower, massage, walk,…
Flow is what we do with devotion that leads us to forget on time. “I want to love what I do so much, that I forgot time,” she says. 
Meaning is being in something bigger than yourself – is about contributing to family, community, society, earth.
Each person has his own view on how to live a happy life and there are plenty of articles about famous successful peoples schedules on Fast Company and similar webpages. 
But I can relate to her thinking and I colour coded my calendar with 3 main colours: 
Yellow/Orange for Pleasure – things that I’m highly passionate about and my own time – like passion projects, bathtub time with myself :),…
Red/Purple for Flow – SCA, work, school projects, couple other projects
Green/Blue for Meaning – calls, coffees with friends, partner (eventually) and couple projects.
Impressive, right?
But it doesn’t work. For many things I can’t decide which calendar to choose, because I feel like I’m involved in it on more levels.
Thinking about what Marc said about our projects, how we should think about solving problems, community and actually try to make world a better place, I think putting SCA just on Flow calendar is not good enough. 
I’m not talking about calendars anymore, but about perceiving SCA and our work. 
It definitely shouldn’t be just a Flow. 
We definitely shouldn’t ignore community’s needs and our drive to make a positive impact on the world. 
So, let’s add a Meaning.
And let’s remember why did we tried our best to get accepted, moved to London and why everyday we wake up way to early. Because it is a big thing we are doing for ourselves and even though we don’t perceive it as one, when we nervously try to solve brief right before the deadline, it is a Pleasure.
Not being able to change it to rainbow, I changed SCA calendar’s colour to grey.
Because it’s none of the above.
It’s all.

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