Pre-Interview Day SCAB – By @Edwards92Sophie

Sophie Edwards

By Sophie Edwards


Pre-Interview Day SCAB


I do not go to SCA – I haven’t even visited. But, this sunny Sunday it is all I am thinking about. As SCA start their interview process there are 4 hours and 56 minutes of it which I am not nervous about – the unknown. However, the left over 4 minutes, which I have a clue about, is what my Sunday has been engulfed by.


All the SCA applicants who have been lucky enough to get into the interview stages will have had a chat with Marc – no doubt, to all of us he provided an example of an exceptional 4 minute presentation which he has witness… and I am hoping (please) that like me now all you can think about is someone else’s genius solution.


All my futile attempts to define who I am in 4 minutes seem awfully similar to Marc’s example. Its got me questioning something within advertising – Is it possible to solve a brief when you have already been told of an incredible solution? Is this what defines a creative team – being able to know what a company already view as their solution but still manage to put your own solution forward?


I suppose the point of this little article – if it graces the pages of SCA – is to let everyone know that they are not alone! That even though Marc has opened a can of worms – at least we know he is expecting something as great as worms. For that Marc – thanks!


Can’t wait to see the crib. And let’s hope by then I have 4 minutes of my own thinking bundled together!



A 2016 hopeful SCA applicant.

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