Prince had a work ethic like no other – By @13samuels

Sam Markham

By Sam Markham


Prince had a work ethic like no other


You can debate all you like about what it takes to be great, sure a little talent helps but that talent goes only as far as you work it.

Most of us will put in the work do what we can and maybe if we’re lucky have moments of greatness, which I would say is being in perfect harmony with what you are doing and being a conduit for something that is ‘other’.

Sometimes these moments happen accidentally but mostly it’s because you have put in the the work.

This no news to anyone but it’s been on my mind since I heard the news of Prince dying.

I was lucky enough to see Prince play a few times and the man did not disappoint.

He was Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, Diana Ross, Little Richard rolled into one. A fucking LEGEND !

One time I saw him he played with his support act, then the main show and then he played an after show, I got about 6 hours of live Prince…this was a regular occurrence, the man played all the time! It was his job and he loved every second of it.

Thank you Prince Rogers Nelson for not wasting a second of time in your 57 years and reminding this mortal to just get the fuck on with it! 

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