Punch with Bad Intentions, by @13samuels

Sam Markham






By Samuel Markham


All expectations I have held about my time at SCA and I guess about my time in London constantly swing around and slap me in the face.

If I ask myself honestly I might not have set myself high enough goals for what I intend to achieve by the time July comes around. Everything happened very quickly and I found myself in Brixton straight from Venice beach , a shock to the system would be an understatement . Don ‘t get me wrong the challenge has been much needed , change is always good . So 6 months in ,and essentially in the final push to the top , I am a lot wiser as to what productive creativity is . Sink or swim . Be mindful. Mindfulness gets thrown around a lot these days but there are many ways to enlightenment . I have usually found it in monotonous activities , digging ditches , washing dishes. So , I m happy to be starting to find it in something that is so damn interesting, fun and challenging .

I ve been reading Mike Tyson ‘s auto biography and there is a quote in it that resonates ” Boxing is entertainment , so to be successful a fighter must not only win, but he must win in an exciting manner. He must throw punches with bad intentions .”

That was said to Tyson by his coach Cus D’Amato.  They are words that if not said in that precise way echo in a lot of the advice given.

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