Questions and Facts – By @orla27marie

By Orla O’Connor


Questions and Facts


We at SCA are encouraged to practice street wisdom and to search for dots.  I like to do both on my journey too and from school but creepily watching people and listening to podcast. So here is some stuff I’ve heard or noticed or have been thinking about.


  1. Why when getting on the bus do people have a mass panic to find their oyster card, rather than finding your oyster in the 10 mins you spent standing there waiting for the bus.  
  2. When people are hungry they stare at other people eating.
  3. You can tell how long someone will be on a train for depending if they make themselves at home or not. (A.k.a laying out their food and a book in a neat row)
  4. You really know someone when you can recognize the sound of their walk.
  5. Why do babies cry at the most inconvenient times?
  6. You can email all trees in Melbourne. And the council will reply.
  7. When you translate english to Icelandic you have to translate the punctuation too as they don’t use full stops in the right way.
  8. There is a miniature train in the international space station which is simultaneously the fastest and slowest train in the universe.
  9. Out of the millions of wheels of camembert produced every year only 4 million are real camembert. That’s only 1%.
  10. Only 51% of a cheese product has to actual cheese.
  11. Britain now has more varieties of cheese than france.
  12. The blackest black and the pinkest pink can never be in the same picture.
  13. If you went to a new beach every day in Australia you would be going to beaches for 29 years.
  14. Kleenex was developed to be the filter in gas masks.
  15. The bible is the most stolen book.
  16. The bible is also the most translated book.
  17. 95% of people are more honest in text then in person.
  18. Half of premier league football teams are sponsored by gambling companies.
  19. On average a 4 year old asks 437 questions a day.
  20. Coffee can help prevent diabetes.

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