Questions – By @ZSlatter

By Zoe Slatter


Inspired by Rory Sutherlands inspirational talk this afternoon, I thought I’d write a couple of questions I have always wanted to ask the world. Some are stupid and plain sacking obvious, but I was inspired today to ask them anyway.

– Why are the Paralympics so separate from the Olympics? Within that, why do they have two different names? I hope and predict that one day we should all be competing together in the same games.

  • –  Why do we wear underwear?
  • –  Who decided that flowers should be cut up and be put inside?
  • –  Why do we put plates on walls?
  • –  Why do we have to be nice?
  • –  Why do some people succeed and others don’t?
  • –  Why do we ‘laugh’ when we find things funny?
  • –  Why do we have to hold our fork in the right hand?
  • –  Why can’t we eat with our hands?
  • –  Why do we have random rooms filled with machinery that you have to pay to walk into and use

called gyms?

  • –  Why does society STILL imply that having any kind of degree deems you clever, and above

    other people?

  • –  How do awful singers survive in the music industry?
  • –  How we’re girls aloud actually created?
  • –  Why do we have to eat certain things for breakfast?
  • –  Why do we categories food into placing it on bowls or plates?
  • –  Why do girls pierce their ears, and it’s seen abnormal if you don’t?
  • –  Why is sex seemed awkward to talk about?
  • –  Why can’t kids know about sex?
  • –  Why can’t we teach children about violence?
  • –  Why can’t we be taught logical things in school like mortgages?
  • –  Why aren’t we being taught how to freelance and write invoices even though we’re being told

    the industry is moving forward?

  • –  Why is everyone going vegan?
  • –  Why are we being told google will take over the world, yet everyone’s cool with it?
  • –  Why did those people give up their lives to live on Mars (this is happening)?
  • –  Why do people want to go to space?
  • –  Are people actually gluten-free?
  • –  Why don’t people who work at Coke want to drink Coke?
  • –  Could tea and coffee one day be illegal?
  • –  How were sausage dogs bread?
  • –  Why do we become friends with people who look like us?
  • –  Do we actually look for spouses who look like our parents?
  • –  How long have I actually spent on my laptop?
  • –  Why is peanut butter so calorific?
  • –  Why does sugar tastes so good?
  • –  Why do we go red when we get embarrassed
  • –  Why do I stress?
  • –  Why am I writing this?
  • –  Why can’t I think of any more questions although I have loads
  • –  Why?

    Finally With D&ad Looming this week I decided to take the morning to gather my thoughts and draw.


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