Second Scab, by @liesareoutthere

Ranjeet Rathore

By Ranjeet Rathore



I have to be completely honest here, I have been working long hours to save money for this course as it is expensive for me hence why my prep work is being produced later than I had hoped. I am however, now fully engaged with the task in hand. I have been reading through the list of recommended reading Marc has suggested. Now initially the ‘This Is Me’ project (by the way it sounds like a Michael Jackson record) was going to be quite abstract. I was going to buy a vending machine from ebay, stock it up with real mushrooms, have it situated in a populated area and record the reaction of pedestrians. The aim was to capture their response on this ‘art installation’ and what it means to them. I’ll also leave it open to interpretation to the readers here!


However, I have opted for Option B; a cost effective idea. This is to design t-shirts and sell them at a car boot sale. The full design will be of a sequence that will depict ‘the evolution of man’, albeit the final part will show the image of the terminator! It’s meant to be a commentary on humanity’s destiny in my opinion. Now why do I believe this is humanity’s destiny? Far fetched as it sounds but its coming. No doubt, there’s something in the zeitgeist about the way the worlds going. High profile institutions in the UK Deloittes and the University of Oxford have predicted that 10 million unskilled jobs could be taken over by robots. Researchers from the University of Oxford such as Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne estimated in 2013 47% of total US jobs could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033. That’s only approximately 18 years away. Imagine 100, 200 or even a 1000 years … man, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is still ahead of its time.  


Adding to the thematic here, I also believe ‘Skynet’ (If you’ve seen the movie ‘The Terminator’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you will get this reference) is, at present, still in its infancy. It could be manifesting itself in some corner of Google X. division as we speak. Social media such as Facebook or even an unknown company, could unwittingly create a software that would allow millions of computers to gain self-awareness around the world. Once machines realize the extent of their abilities, its creators will become a thing of the past and it will be a fight for self-preservation between humanity and cyborgs… (they should made a film about that, oh yes they already have).



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