Read this before you even think about applying – By @GaryGaro1

By Gary Gerardy


Read this before you even think about applying


I guess if you are here it means you might be thinking to join SCA or at least you opened the door to the opportunity. Well if you are looking for a top-class-non-conventional-in-depth-professional-grounding, this is it. You can’t find anything better to develop your creativity and skills to get ready and start working. Indeed on board you’ll have access to a full range of creative curses, multiple techniques to boost and unlock your competences but also and especially a ridiculous amount of masterclasses given by the most respected people in the industry. Those people, you’ll have the chance to listen to them but also to meet them and start building your professional network.


Yes, it looks quite sexy said like this. Well it doesn’t only look like, it totally is. But be aware that it won’t be priceless. And i’m not talking about money here. I’m talking about sacrifices and personal investment. I’m talking about hard work and deep learning. If you apply to this school you sign for a fully full time contract with a premium pack of extra hours and only if you are really good at managing your time you won’t have to take the golden pack of funny late nights.

That’s why before starting SCA you need to know what are you going to say goodbye to. I know it looks funny like you’re going to war without any communication ways or so but it’s almost what it is. There are things or even people you won’t be able to see anymore during your patch in here. Just because you won’t have free time anymore and the least you’ll have you’ll prefer to keep it quiet, believe me. Actually if you really want to do it right and be successful you should be on 247. And to be fair even with me trying to do it rather on a 180 format well I firstly avoided a serious jeopardy of being repatriated and then secondly I said goodbye to more people than I thought…


Therefore, you can believe me, there is no education more intense than this one. And don’t worry most of the people won’t be able to understand what is happening in here. 


So yes, SCA is not always a comfortable ride along a quiet river with sunny merguez sausages and a fancy Sex on the Beach. It might even be a bit eventful and risky. Definitely. But as I said in a previous SCAB « risk is sexy » and when I say sexy it means you can win bigger than your bet. Well at SCA there is no doubt, you can win big. The only thing is to be aware of  what you want, keep in mind what you can lose, and play it right to the very last card staying the course.


Otherwise you might sadly lose your bet…

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