Remember what got you here – By @MrBenGolding


By Ben Golding


Remember what got you here

This morning we all handed in Portfolio Brief 1, we also sat through all of the case study videos and marked each others on their various merits. It was interesting to see who was bleary eyed and clearly a little sleep deprived after killing themselves over the deadline, it was even more interesting to see whose videos were the most polished and the idea most ‘sticky’. The most interesting thing was seeing if these two groups of people overlapped, I’ll let you make a guess on that one for now.

I was very fortunate to get another thumbs up from everyone this morning. I didn’t think we should have gotten it. I look at my work and see all the holes, all of the shoddy parts hastily thrown together and the half thought out ideas. I see failure and things just not being good enough. I feel like I didn’t put myself into the project, I fell out of love with the brief after a week and then just tended it enough to get over the finish line. Other people worked harder and grafted to get their projects into a state they were really happy with, I feel like they should have got the vote.

I feel my projects are lacking a big enough spark. I think that spark is me. So I’m going to take five minutes and think about what got me into this school. What parts of me entertained and interested the tutors enough to think I could make a difference? What makes me stand out from the rest of the stack? Lets show it, use it, hold it like a hammer or a knife, we’re all starting to walk but lets run. You got this far, you know you can do it, just bring yourself to it.

As far as I’m concerned, as creatives that’s all we have to offer, who we are. So bring your passion for detective novels, your love of freeform jazz, your interest in Victorian magicians to the table. Theres plenty of room for you; that’s how you got here.

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