reSCAlutions – By @AliciaCliffe

Alicia Cliffe

By Alicia Cliffe




Before the break, the room felt tense.


People were exhausted, couples were fighting and splitting up, some people were trying to kill each other (ok, maybe not) and there was a surprisingly new piece of rude art added to our walls.


So for Christmas, I was looking forward to a break from London. That being said, the only place I had to go to was Derby (pause for pity). Aside from catching up with friends and family, there’s nothing to be excited about up there. Possible activities include spotting areas where there isn’t a Rolls Royce factory, counting how many times someone says ‘duck’ in a sentence and eating out at fancy restaurants such as Nandos.


Coming back to London, new year new me and all that jazz, made me and me think about the things I’d like to do this year. Partly because I ran out of time, mainly because Derby is dull.


I know people think it’s a little lame to write new years resolutions, but here are a few thoughts I had if anyone gets pressured into telling their pals what they plan on doing this year. (Please note these may, or may not be, anything I would like to do myself).


  1. Write a decent sun headline
  2. Do something helpful for someone
  3. Learn how to do a handstand and a cartwheel and a back flip and then all together.
  4. Cycle from Leeds to Amsterdam
  5. Don’t poo yourself
  6. Code a cool website that’s based on collecting cool things and is really cool.
  7. Only have a drink on a Friday. And the odd Saturday. With the possibility to have one on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday if you’ve had a good week.
  8. Teach Larry how to say ‘wavy’ garms
  9. Learn Japanese, or Spanish. Yeah, that might be easier.
  10. See a wonder of the world
  11. Then get naked and take a photo from behind at that precious place
  12. Play tennis with your left hand
  13. Make a new friend every month
  14. Get a better trouser collection
  15. Sign up to next year’s marathon

16..  Put a party hat on

  1. Solve a problem that saves the world
  2. Remember to write 2016 before the end of November
  3. Be like Matt and spray paint walls with feelings
  4. Customise some clothing
  5. Get a job


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