Rocketman – By @pzelizalde

By Patxi Elizalde




The weather has been beautiful this weekend. We are finally back to uncomfortably sweaty thighs. The awkward, unnecessary sweatshirt draped over shoulders, waiting for its time to save the day. Sorry little buddy, but today is not your day.


The flip flops are out. Every crevice of every park in Brixton is occupied by young families who are finally reminded once again that everything is alright. By Teenagers passing around soap box, slightly pulsing with nerves upon realizing that Harry forgot the damn eye drops. By shameless addicts, sprawled out in their new temporary home. Basking in the rays of our God given space heater. Forgetting all problems. All qualms with society. Because today is a day for everyone. A beautiful day of rest.


So with the sun finally out, what better way to spend my afternoon than a nice trip to a dark, cool movie house.


Yesterday afternoon I went to see Rocketman, the new Elton John biopic in cinemas, and do not regret it one bit. It may have been a bit show tune-y for me, but I felt the direction and the actor, especially, did such a good job of capturing Elton’s struggle through an unnaturally quick rise to fame.


The film mostly focused on Elton’s struggle with his own personality, and his understanding of who he is as a person. Shy and ashamed by his childhood and parents, he took his musical talent as an opportunity to completely reinvent himself, his look, his name, and his personality. While this can be fun for a while, it quickly becomes clear how damn easy it is to lose your ties to what makes you, you. Fame and fortune are great, but it can get really lonely when all your relationships are in some way fabricated and no one knows who you really are.


Anyway, I really don’t want to give too much away, but I highly recommend the film. Not only does it have a great soundtrack (unsurprisingly), but there are so many lessons to be learned and reflected on about humility, passion, and being true to one’s self.


Since he entered this world 72 years ago, Elton John has done so much for the music industry and for culture. Even if you’re not a huge fan or don’t know much about him, I don’t doubt you’ve hummed along to ‘Tiny Dancer’ or ‘Rocketman’ at least once in your life.


Now where do I get those glasses..


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