Room for Improvement – By @BeckDunn3

Room for Improvement

So, I’m back to write another SCAB. It seems they kind of suddenly hit you in the face when you don’t keep track of them.

As opposed to my last SCAB this one will be more reflective as I suppose it will one day be interesting to re-read later down the line.

I’m highly enjoying my time at SCA. The mentors are class, I tend to lean towards some already. I actually don’t think I’m making the most of them yet. I should remember to use them even though I don’t particularly think I need them. This being especially true as I haven’t won anything yet.

This is something that sits dormant at the back of my mind, all the way up till the presentation of our ideas each week. If anyone watches my response to seeing my own work, they’ll see glaring focus. Not sure if anyone else gets this but after seeing some great ideas come before and after my own, I think, fuck, I should have done something more, something bigger maybe? Something more nuts. I guess this in a way gets me down, not to the point where I’m sad, but more the way that you know you could have played better in a game. When I’m working on something, I don’t really notice I could of done better or more until it’s too late and I’m watching the highlight reel.

A few changes in decisions, perhaps a different result. I, however, believe that I have much, much more in the tank. I think a mistake I’m making at the moment is that I’m not thinking laterally enough. What I think is good, isn’t winning good yet. So, how do I improve this?

I think that I’m a very visual thinker, the first thing my brain thinks of is pictures, layouts, ideas etc. Maybe I need to get better at spitting out everything. I think I’m a victim from my own subconscious…I feel, under the surface that I’m not letting go completely and being the most free with my thinking.

This is probably partly due to how I’m working. I don’t think I’ve figured out how I prefer to work. I enjoy working around others and being sociable and open to thoughts, changes etc. 

However, I actually think the best release of ideas was for the Berocca brief, where I sat with Cameron in the side room on the top floor. Chucked in my earphones and just left myself with my own thoughts. I haven’t figured the small details out yet to methodically produce the best work. I’m naturally an extroverted social person, but maybe this week I’ll specifically consider how, where, when and why I work best.

Apart from the self-imposed pressure and high expectation I’m f*cking loving it. Don’t shut us down BOJO.

Have a good day/ night whenever you may read this. 

As you were ☺

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