Rorying With Laughter by @LucyRBaker93

Lucy Baker

By Lucy Baker


Rorying With Laughter

Rory Sutherland. What a funny man.

Dressed in the finest Toad of Toad Hall attire he charmed the room from start to finish.

Like the best comedians in this world, Rory was a fountain of comical human truths.

From Capuchin monkeys to Coca Cola, he covered it all. 

I’ve taken just two of his brilliant insights about human characteristics, which I am entirely guilty of. 

Firstly, I felt a great affinity with Rory when he spoke of his love of Five Guys. 

What Five Guys teaches us about humans is that we are all fools.

If we are given a big cup of fries, only filled three quarters of the way, we feel royally miffed.

However, if we are given a small cup of fries, with a bonus handful of them added at the end, we feel lucky. 

People love extra free shit. So make them think they’re getting a bonus. Genius. 

Another fault in the human brain is that we are bad at spotting when we are presented with stupid choices.

Case and point, wine menus in restaurants. 

Rory’s illumination of the pressure we are put under to drink wine in restaurants really rang true.

From the moment you walk into a restaurant, there is subliminal messaging that you must choose wine. 

Wine glasses are set and ready to be filled, subliminal messaging, it would be rude not to. 

Wine dominates the beverage menu, spreading itself over two pages and leaving one meagre paragraph for the cocktail or spirit lovers. 

“Red or white?” They ask you. 


I have no real interest in wine, I find it quite boring.

I’d much rather have a fruity cocktail with all the trimmings, and yet, every time, I find myself swirling and sniffing a dry white. 

Why I’ve never questioned it before baffles me. I’m just another sheep in the herd. 

Next time I am in a restaurant, I’ll buck the trend and think Rory him as I sip my Caipirinha. 

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