SCA and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – By @FlorrieMacleod

SCA and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

What links these two together?

They are both things that I am grateful to have going into this one-month lockdown.

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ never fails to put a smile on my face, it cheers me up instantly. Every day is a strictly day in my house. Monday to Friday we watch ‘It Takes Two’ (BBC Two 6:30pm), on Saturday it’s the main show, and on Sunday it’s the results. Every week I feel like I am on a new adventure, wondering what the dances will be, the costumes, and the props! It is a fantastic distraction from the everyday. (Side note: I am unsure of the addition of augmented reality in the show, I think it detracts from the dancing.)

SCA is an intense course, packed to the brim with project briefs and lectures. In such weird and tough times this is exactly what I need. It gives me something to focus on and put my energy into. Also, being able to meet and actually see people is amazing (socially distanced and hand sanitiser at the ready). It has made me realise how lucky and fortunate I am to be here at this time.

SCA is a bit like Strictly Come Dancing. There is a competitive element, but we have also become a little family of creatives. We are learning how to present ourselves, how to pitch and sell our work.

Thank you to Amy and Marcia for helping me come up with elements of this scamp idea. I hope you like it, and that it is vaguely memorable.

It takes three to tango.

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