SCA is tough. – By @McfadzeanSusan

By Susan Mcfadzean


SCA is tough.

You’ve probably heard it before. SCA is tough. It’s hard work. It’s exhausting.
Yeahhhh riiiight, I hear you sigh.
Maybe you went travelling when you were eighteen. Survived four years of a uni course you dedicated yourself too. Moved to London and handled an internship and a second job for a year and half so you could afford your rent. You know what’s tough don’t you?
But the thing is, SCA is designed to knock you down. You’ll go in knowing a lot and realise in fact, you know nothing. You’ll spend weeks climatizing to the routine. You’ll spend months trying to catch up with Adobe. Then you’ll question your creativity, how you got in and why you are there. You’ll jump between considering yourself an Art Director and a Copy Writer. You’ll go from thinking one day on a brief is not long enough to believing one hour is more than enough. You’ll scoff in disbelief that people can make a book in a week. Then you’ll make a book in a week. You’ll question who you are, what font truly represents you and how you might brand yourself. And in amongst all of this? You’ll learn advertising of course.
In less than a year you’ll hit the highs and lows of a lifetime riding a growth curve so twisted it’s sure to leave stretch marks on your brain. So in the last two weeks of my time at SCA, my advice is to say yes. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from the best. But don’t disregard the nine months ahead of you. Your in training for a tough industry and you’ll have to stand up more times than your knocked down.
I’d give you more advice but your only going to have to get it wrong before your get it right anyway.
So just remember, SCA is designed to be tough.

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