SCAB #TheNickname @ManonHede

By Manon Hede

« In the nickname, we know the man. » said an old French proverb.

We all have nicknames, it can change from one year to the next, or stick you to the sole of your shoe like an old mango chewing gum.

This nickname defines you, often given by your nefarious friends, it allows your new acquaintances to judge you get a quick and concise idea of you.

Every year I’m a victim of this kind of practice.

I have several nicknames in my possession, one of which often resurfaces.

And yet it is used by different individuals, who have never crossed paths.

« Miss Disaster »

This year, it’s Miss Disaster.
I’ve been in London for a month and a half and I’ve got my assets : three spilled coffees + a soup, three lost pullovers, two recovered, I’ve lost my computer twice, three times recovered (yeah), five times lost my charger, two lost oysters, and xxx lost pens…

I’m not proud of it but it’s still a nice score.

Not to mention my clumsiness: about 300 forgetfulness, 3 hugs badly done, (always hard to get used to, but I like it).

I’ve already done a hug to hair. (the person was too small)
And let’s not talk about English language mistakes, which led me to embarrassing conversations.

Like for real.

It took me a fucking week to be told that I was incredibly clumsy, and a week and a half to get my new blase.

Like. Every. Year.
My nickname, I don’t care about it, I’m clumsy, it often makes people laugh and I’ve got used to it.

My question of the day is: Why did we even give people nicknames?

My answer of the day is: The nickname allows in one way or another to create a stronger bond between individuals.

It is like an appropriation of the friendly relationship, a way of designating a physical or moral characteristic.

William Hazlitt (English essayist) said that nicknames govern the world and have serious effects. Nicknames are by themselves trifles, meaningless terms, but they govern the world.

Give each other nicknames, seriously.

Manon, Gugu, Snoop flounder, Averell and Miss Disaster

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