SCA’s Uncanny Resemblance to Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Marc as Mother Ru
In this season of SCA, in each episode, we have guest judges galore ranging from the likes of Pete Cain, Richard Russell, and Alexandra Taylor and extra special guest judge, Graham Fink, critiquing us daily on how to improve our metaphorical runway looks. Every day Marc sits comfortably in his orange chair, dressed up in acid-trip, jazzy trousers and a colour-coordinated cardi to match, which is strikingly similar to Ru’s position as head judge on Drag Race. My creative partner and I trot down the stairs with ideas we think are brilliant (oh how we were wrong), we were told to go away and rethink our proposition and strategy; it felt like I had been told to sashay away on Ru Paul’s runway, little did I know this would not be my first Ru Paul’s Drag Race (RPDR), SCA doppelganger moment…

Font Flare-Ups
Next, we have Ian’s absolute hatred towards Helvetica and the dreaded Papyrus font (seriously, don’t even mutter the words around him or he will order Pip, his border terrier to bite ya ankles). Ian’s fonty flare-ups remind me of Ru’s H&M rant in DRUK season 2 (click here to see what I mean).

Sewing Queens
On every season of RPDR, typically, you get a distinct category of queen, such as comedy queens, sewing queens, pageant queens, look queens, club kids and my personal favourites, the spooky queens.

Upon my Thursday evening ritual, which consists of putting on a pair of fluffy socks, and some oversized trackies and then whacking RPDR UK on the tele, as I was watching Jonbers Blonde and Black Peppa frantically interweaving green strips of fabric together in the design challenge, I could not help but relate to this feeling, but in the context of fathoming the art of Adobe and using Ian’s grid with a very short deadline until presentation time… Those frantic minutes of hot glueing rhinestones onto a corset is how I feel when I am uploading my work to the Google Slides deck 5 minutes before the deadline. Coming to SCA you will meet some crafty, sewing queens, these are the ones who have Adobe on lock and will NOT metaphorically be glueing rhinestones to corsets 5 minutes before the deadline.

Comedy Queens
At SCA you will also find the comedy queens, these are the ones who love to incorporate a bit of humour into their work and presentations. They love a one-liner and a pun and often make the class cackle. The comedy queens effortlessly embody characters and own the crowd.

Look Queens
In the context of SCA, these are the students with a clear understanding of social media, they know what’s trending on TikTok, what influencers to use for who and what brand and keep tabs on what’s going on in pop culture, to create some tasty topical ads.

Spooky Queens
These students are a little bit dark-sided and even a little bit macabre, often having a slightly twisted sense of humour and approaching the briefs in unique ways, which I love and look forward to seeing these queens present every week.

Shady Queens
Need I say more about this category of queen?

Now sashay away, and think about what type of Queen you are and slay the metaphorical runway. Tune in for next week’s finale of Drag Race UK, which you can watch on BBC Three (this is not some kind of marketing tactic for Drag Race I promise).


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