Scoring the Mentors (GONE SEXUAL) – By @Joebee731

By Joe Colquhoun


Scoring the Mentors (GONE SEXUAL)


I’m gonna preface this badboi and let you know there’s nothing sexual about this post. It’s a blatant lie to get you here, I’m sorry. In an attempt to make my reflections more eye-catching I called upon the advice of Soflo Antonio, a true master of clickbait.


I will, however, rate our mentors, as promised. Just like us budding creatives, the mentors strive to be the best that they can be. Without our help and guidance, they’re bound to fail, to fall short of the mark. The students of SCA cannot, will not let this happen. We want our mentors to be famous, to command respect and awe wherever they tread, to win a Nobel prize for their wisdom and solid advice.


This week we’ll be focusing on three key features, idea development, list following, and witty banter. We will be sticking to the five mentors that marked us last week to keep this review short and sweet.


Caz – 25/30

I’m a little afraid of Caz, I’ll be the first to admit. If she doesn’t get your idea she’ll ask you to explain it. Having stumbled your way through an explanation, you’ll soon realise your idea was never that great in the first place. She has however scored highly this week with a solid 10 in list following. A perfect score in this category and idea development doesn’t happen often, well done Caz.


Liz – 22.5/30

I’ve not had the pleasure of properly meeting Liz. She seems very nice and gave me 7.5 last week. For this reason, I will do the same across the three categories. Thank you, Liz, until next time.


Uri – 25/30

A no-nonsense kinda guy, as you can imagine his score reflects this. Never has he strayed from the list, scoring him a perfect 10. Whilst his forte is in strategy, he’s keen to point out ideas he likes and encourages us to take them further. On Friday he left me with this,


“You find a tiny nugget of gold and the smart person will keep digging in that spot to find more. Advertising is the same. You find a shiny gold insight, you keep digging until you have a beautiful golden campaign.”


For this reason, alone he scores a solid 9.  Granted witty banter may be lacking but frankly, Uri has no time for such tomfoolery.


Chris – 26/30

Can’t figure out the line for that poster? Here’s Chris to save the day. His keenness to explore ideas that you pitch to him is overwhelming. He’ll go away for a while, come back and say “here you go, try this”. For this reason, he scores a 10 in idea development. Witty banter is equally a perfect score, just ask him about his hairdresser and you’ll wonder where the time went. In terms of list following, I don’t think Chris really likes the formality of it all, for that reason he only scores a 6 in this area.


Marc –  15/30

The one we’ve all been waiting for. Unfortunately, this Scab is getting too long so I’ll just give him a couple of 5’s and be on my way. Who’s gonna notice anyway? 😉

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