The Great Bounty dilemma @dinglebobs

By Benjamin Conway

We made ourselves the outcasts. We have become the Bounty. It’s currently five o’clock and to anyone reading this who isn’t in John MMMXIIIIVIIIXXX we are working on a brief to “make a chocolate bar famous”. I’m having a fabulous time with Helena and we are getting on like a house on fire, but the problem is the house is on fire and we aren’t leaving it. We will die here.

Nearly every mentor has rejected us for our ideas. Are we going insane or have we stumbled onto genius? Pause for dramatic egotism.

So to indulge anyone who cares this is a list of ideas we have come up with, that we think are funny;

Rebranding the chocolate bar as pigeon food to shit on people who don’t like it.

  • Taking them off the shelves and ransoming them to the British public.
  • Coconut haircuts (yeah that’s literally it).
  • A conspiracy theory that coconuts do not want to be made into Bounties and that is why everyone dislikes them. The coconuts are winning.
  • BIG cocoNUT (literally just a 20ft coconut that tours the world).
  • Creating an AA style cult meeting for people who are addicted to Bounty.

I think the problem is, is that the mentors want a strategy that is key to the core values of the product and how it works. They think we have a strategy that doesn’t align with that. The brief says to make a chocolate bar FAMOUS. It doesn’t say it has to be done in a pretty, enigmatic, horses that haven’t being made into burgers, the hills are alive with Julie Andrews – way.

We are both, surprising or not, the same hatted people. Taking a favor to the red hat of trusting our gut, and disliking the planned blue hat – I don’t know if this is anything to note?

This is not a decision we are throwing about willy-nilly (ha). We trust the opinions of our mentors and being told it’s ‘dead’ is problematic – they have experienced over us tenfold, folded ten times more. So we are going to sleep on it. Come back to the brief tomorrow and hopefully with a refreshed brain – see if we trust our guts or need to liposuction them out. The lipo is needed regardless so win-win.

Ben x

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