Seraphim Extract: A meeting at the sycamore tree part 2 (the three)

Nestor had set back in between the roots of the sycamore tree. Daedra, still unsure of the earth, glided next to Nestor, crossed his legs and seemed to sit in the air. Nestor took notice and looked at Daedra with an expression that lauded an answer. Daedra, without looking at Nestor, knew he was looking at him. “I am still unsure if I am in the void or not ”, he paused and looked at the ground with an unsure expression. “There’s no ground in the void; there’s nothing; you can’t be sure of anything there”.  Nestor raised his hand and gently placed it on Daedras shoulder, “you are here Sky, and you are not in the void”, Nestor said reassuringly.

“Sky?” Daedra replied with a surprised yet quirky smile. “I remember that name. I remember all my names now. Sky, D, Death”, he paused. “I just go by Daedra now”. 

“Then Daedra it is then”, Nestor said warmly. 

“When are you going to introduce us, Daedra?” Atlas interjected on the moment. Nestor was surprised and alarmed that he could not sense Atlas’s presence.  

“Not wanting to ruin the moment, but it’s just awkward for us just idle here, just watching”, Luos joined the conversation. Even more alarmed that he couldn’t sense another presence, Nestor looked at Daedra, who rolled his eyes at the situation. “It is borderline insulting really. Acting like we don’t exist”, Banshee playfully spoke adding himself to the conversation.

Nestor was taken aback by the situation. The three beings had unhidden themselves so they could be seen.  Nestor’s intrigue could be seen emanating from his gaze at the three.

Nestor using his power of essence examined them. Atlas was a harpy eagle with a cascade of pure black and white feathers. It stood twice the size of a normal harpy, with striking black obsidian eyes that looked almost dead but were brought to life by the reflections of whatever they looked upon. Nestor could feel himself being truly seen. Luos was a tarantula twice the size of a normal tarantula with pure white and eyes and fangs of black obsidian, the same as Atlas. It was perched on the head of Banshee. Banshee was a wolf again twice the size of a wolf. Banshees’ coat was pure black and seemed to absorb any light. He looked more like a cut out of a piece of the world in the shape of a wolf. Banshees’ eyes were also black obsidian. There seemed to be a glow emanating from the trio. The surroundings also seemed to distort around them as if fearful of their presence. “Explain” Nestor exclaimed toward Daedra. All eyes turned to Daedra. He took in a gulp of air and exhaled and said “Well these are friends I made when I was in the void”. Nestor looked at Daedra in utter disbelief. Questions swirled around his mind.  “They’re cool most of the time, you’ll hate and love them eventually as I do,” Daedra said jokingly. 

“We don’t like you either”, the trio said in unison.


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