Sir Richie Rich’s Top Tip, By @sthomasgb (Thanks @LBFEvents )

Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas


Sir Richie Rich’s Top Tip

In light of attending a talk by Richard Branson on Friday I thought I’d take a look at the most important attribute he sees in a successful leader and entrepreneur. To the dismay of 99% of his audience in the Great Westminster hall, he started his answers to questions by suggesting great entrepreneurs should never where a suit and tie. Applicable to the 10 of us from SCA, not so much to Greg the Finance bloke from HSBC. His view is that great ideas are never going to come from someone who feels restricted and uncomfortable. Something I completely agree with.

His main suggestion however, something he repeatedly mentions in his new book, is that all great entrepreneurs have one trait in common. The ability to listen. This was also his answer to a question from a member of the audience asking what the most consistent quality he saw in some of the worlds best leaders (Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs etc.). Sir Richard believes that at the heart of being a great entrepreneur is the ability to listen more than you speak. I think we should all be taking a leaf out of Branson’s book.

He even mentioned that he carries a notebook with him everywhere and jots down feedback from his staff, and ideas, as they come to him during the day. Something Marc suggested we all do whilst out connecting dots. As creatives I think it’s crucial we always have our ears pricked ready to absorb any pieces of information that could provide invaluable at a later date. The more we act as sponges, and actually listen to others around us, the more our work will benefit.

Whilst the term entrepreneur is apt in describing Sir Branson, I see his philosophies aligning more to us ideapreneurs.

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