Six Words To Tell A Story

Chris told us we should practice writing ‘Six Word Stories’, so I challenged myself to write one hundred. Perhaps two or three of them are even worth reading!

  1. Scamps are useful but irk me.
  2. Mike builds. Pete destroys. Seek both.
  3. I need to fart real bad.
  4. Cycling through South London is scary.
  5. I must work at home too.
  6. Single Minded Propositions are slippery things.
  7. Shoot Your Baby In The Face.
  8. Walk softly and carry spare pens.
  9. Watch great ads to make them.
  10. Read more than you have been.
  11. Study at SCA; have disconcerting dreams.
  12. Eight hours sleep is a necessity.
  13. The Owl can see you fidget.
  14. Keep sitting in the front row.
  15. Straplines and headlines are different things.
  16. Bigger packed lunches for hungry Archies.
  17. Your work will suck for ages.
  18. Bend every rule you can find.
  19. Exercise more to clear brain fog.
  20. Camomile tea is a potent sedative.
  21. Sex jokes will get old fast.
  22. You are biting your fingernails again.
  23. Getting given points makes me happy.
  24. People will poke my laptop screen.
  25. Don’t panic, beetroot makes pee red.
  26. Have you got a Tesco’s Clubcard?
  27. Listen to podcasts to swot up.
  28. It always comes together last minute.
  29. You should add nipples to it.
  30. This is your life now. Rejoice.
  31. “The Mooble – All Charm, No Harm!”
  32. Try and capture my good angle.
  33. Everything looks better in the dark.
  34. Salmon and mango salad from Pret.
  35. Suck wisdom from those you admire.
  36. Those portraits came out alright, eh?
  37. I wonder when we’ll start crying.
  38. To fix your spine try hanging.
  39. Just have fun with it, man.
  40. Thank goodness Terrry stays so late.
  41. ‘Dreamies’ are a cat’s best friend.
  42. Chatting to friends helps… or hinders.
  43. Creativity is tough when you’re ill.
  44. Collect a new dot every day.
  45. Collect several new dots every day.
  46. Steal your friends dots; share yours.
  47. We’re all in the same BOAT.
  48. Puns don’t make bad ideas good.
  49. Rhymes don’t make bad ideas good.
  50. Aesthetics can’t make bad ideas good.
  51. Good is the arch-nemesis of Great.
  52. Does arch-nemesis equal two words?
  53. I could do this all day.
  54. I’m getting bored of this now.
  55. I’m in two minds about this.
  56. These all still count as stories.
  57. Reflecting is vital to retaining knowledge.
  58. Ikigai is a brilliantly useful concept.
  59. Too many books, not enough time.
  60. The most interesting people are interested.
  61. Lovely war poetry in the morning.
  62. You didn’t reply to my Slack.
  63. Eight bars to make your mix.
  64. Leotard with ‘Bite Me’ on it.
  65. I need a Halloween costume, fast.
  66. Writing with Deanna awakens my trauma.
  67. I want a jacket like Atticus’.
  68. Vectors scale and pixels pixelate
  69. Use TinEye for reverse image search.
  70. Popbox is cold, bring a coat.
  71. That coat is not thick enough.
  72. Amazing free resources are out there.
  73. Focus on learning principles, not programs.
  74. What is your Single Minded Proposition?
  75. Ian’s dog is an irascible individual.
  76. Taking portraits can reveal people’s personalities.
  77. To master pottery, make many pots.
  78. Machines can’t invent ideas for you.
  79. Not all ideas are created equal.
  80. Don’t forget ‘Creative Juices, Triple Distilled.’
  81. Book ice skating well in advance.
  82. Honesty is generally preferable to flattery.
  83. I can’t believe I’m at SCA.
  84. Start each day with clear intentions.
  85. End each day with clear reflections.
  86. Moisturise more often during winter months.
  87. People don’t like my old school.
  88. Marc gives points to go-getters.
  89. Creatives respond well to being asked.
  90. There is no succeed, only try.
  91. Suckle from the teat of duress.
  92. My Banana Guard Poem was derivative.
  93. The competition is stiff. I’m flaccid.
  94. Fail spectacularly while you still can.
  95. Try not to hit any cars.
  96. Wash your hands for twenty seconds.
  97. Thursdays will be sweaty this year.
  98. Thank goodness I’m almost done here.
  99. Just one more story to go.
  100. Eat your heart out, Chris Hill.


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