Sorry Mum, by @ohunterjenkins

Owen Hunter Jenkins

By Owen Hunter Jenkins – From the 2015/16 Intake


Sorry Mum

This is a dedication to all those people who’ve put up with me, you and anyone else with an idea. They’re the unsung heroes. They lend a hand when needed, listen when we spitball, and say they understand when we miss ‘that thing’. I don’t know who they are for you, but for me, there’s one girl who’s stomached the brunt of my bullshit:



In her words, I “haven’t been there” for the past 6 months. I still don’t know if she stayed because of rent or love, but thank-you.
This morning, I got an email:

Picture 2

The day before I’d sent the second woman in my life a link to my CrowdFunder page: . What should of been a heart warming video, turned into a cocaine-smuggling nightmare. So it turns out Vimeo suggests other videos to watch even when you embed it. Next up was my second entry, ‘What’s Inside Your Bag, Robin’?
It wasn’t intended for Mothers. Especially mine. We’ve never had the ‘drug chat’, so jumping straight to a line of (albeit fake) cocaine was, well, bad. It brought home another truth. There’s a person who has put up with my bullshit longer than anyone else. So for that and more, I have to thank her too. 
Marc emailed this week saying we’d all learn things from our first proper brief. How right he was. I just didn’t realise it would be one so close to home. 
Now, to ring my Mum. 

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