Spaces for creatives. – By @PugheScarlet

By Scarlet Pughe


Spaces for creatives.


At the SCA we are told to find our creative space or spaces. For Marc, he says it’s his office at home. He’s designed the space perfectly to get his creative juices flowing. For me it used to be a certain desk at the library in Kingston or at a cafe called Local Hero, which served over priced coffee and avocado on toast. How very millenial of me. 

Since starting the SCA I have taken a goldilocks approach to finding the best desk in the studio. Moving around daily to find the space that feels the best for me. After partnering up with Chloe, we chose a desk and decided to put a few homely touches in, to make the space feel ours. We put white boards up on the wall, had fresh flowers weekly and maintained a generous supply of snacks to offer to mentors in return for some invaluable advice. 

After being given a brief for the hotel chain Shangri-la, Chloe and I decided to do some research and visit the London branch. This just so happened to be at the top of the shard. We went to the Gong bar attached to the hotel to soak up the atmosphere and see if we could speak to anyone and get some insights. Twenty minutes in, after taking in the breathtaking view, Chloe and I realised that this was our creative space. We managed to come up with more ideas there in a few hours than we had anywhere else. But when it costs £30 just to sit down and edamame beans are £10, we realised this might be an unrealistic place to consistently work…for the time being anyway. So our search continues for the perfect creative space. Maybe when we move to Pop Brixton, that will be it, but just in case it’s not, I decided to make a list of places I’d like to try. 












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