Spanking gets me excited. By @iamvandale

Adeline Dechaud

By Adeline Dechaud


Spanking gets me excited.

On Friday, I was saddened by the fact that the poor wifi connection we had this day, stopped my reflection slide from being seen by all.

We had to reflect on what we were the most grateful for this week.

Quite a tricky one for me as I had way more than one thing to be grateful for.

Until Friday morning, I had two or three I would have had to choose between.

But then came Town Hall. And with this Town Hall came the butt kick.

Marc has been telling us he’s never been this nice to any other intake than ours until now.

Which is quite surprising as we’re all aware there is a Terence Fletcher hidden somewhere behind his inner child. 

And we witnessed a bit of this hidden persona that day.

So here’s what I’ve learnt from it:

1. Marc’s Terrence Fletcher does not like us being short on deadlines.

He actually hates it and it gives him the need to punish us – which he did. Fortunately, it might be too hard for him to throw a sofa at our face but be careful, throwing a mug isn’t as hard and might give him a taste of Heaven.

2. Marc’s Terrence Fletcher wants you to shorten your own deadlines.

That means going the extra extra mile. Your third week for any other portfolio brief should be used for your craft. Use your wonderfully talented head of craft as soon as you can. Having him by your side is one of the most important things you’ll need to smash the year.

3. Marc’s Terrence Fletcher enjoys breaking you. 

Just like Alvin Toffler, he believes that the illeterates from our Century are not the ones who cannot read or write, but the ones who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. And that’s what happens when you’re being broken. You unlearn how to walk, to relearn how to walk again and better. 

4. Marc’s Terrence Fletcher knows if you don’t know your sh*t, you’re sh*t. 

And so should you. It is essential to know the D&AD’s shortlists. You have to know what and who you want to beat. And you only want to beat the greatest.

5. Marc’s Terrence Fletcher wants you to have purpose. 

What’s the point of fighting, living without purpose? Practice with purpose. Scamp with purpose. Communicate with purpose. Go out and solve the problems nobody solved for you. With purpose.

6. Marc’s Terrence Fletcher will get madly mad if you forget your 4 R’s. 

Might not mean a lot yet, but better get ready. Re-expression, Revolution, Random or Related worlds are four creative techniques that can help you answer any brief. And you really want to make it easier for yourself.

These were – some of – my learnings from the week.

And this is what I am grateful for: the butt kick

Marc can be a real Terrence Fletcher and he does not give a single duck if you can take it or not. Because he knows you can and he knows it’ll bring out the best in you. 

PS: Here’s my reflection slide. 


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