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Vinyl has been coming back for a while.  My sister got a record player a few years back and since then the thrill of records purchasing has been an enjoyable pastime for me.  It took me a few years to get my own player but the collection has grown to a good number.  This week something came over me and I had a 5-record purchase week.  I also bought a record for the Bendy Wendy queen that we’ve both shared love for which also brought me a lot of joy!

Here’s some of my favs

Is this the greatest album of all time?
Thought I’d start with the best of the bunch

The album of my first true working job.  I worked at SW9 bar (which I think is now permanently shut) opposite Brixton tube station.  Great summer job, the 2am mid-summer close-up nights of 2017 listening to sugar man will never be forgotten.  Finally found this in 2022 and knew I had to cop. Also I hadn’t started to drink alcohol that summer yet and this was a gay bar that I was working at so got many drinks bought for me… I had so many hot chocolates that year. 

My first record!! I got this from my partner at the time as a gift and have never been disappointed, with the record, not the girl…  A great vibe for most occasions and the start of the build.  Plus a wicked aesthetic on the insleeve.  Loyle is the artist I’ve seen live the most as well which is a nice touch. 

Found this trolling a store on the Isle of Skye of all places.  Had to buy it because it was so cheap since the sleeve was slightly beat up. The nice looking one was 4 times as much. Why do people care about old things needed to be new is silly.  A good classic to have.  Favourite song: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Platinum with no features

It’s a Cole Cole world, we just livin’ in it.

Enough said.

Moving to the PNW was my introduction to this legendary band.  The longest touring band of all time and still touring to this day. I mean it’s been 60 years! The homies I worked with at the time were all massive fans and I got hooked.  Final song on the album is very King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard esque. This album was my ‘Walking down the streets of downtown Seattle cold, poor, depressed and no life direction’ vibe. Now I’m at SCA and not in Seattle, I am still cold, still poor but at least my brain and my life direction have found purpose.

The Kenny collection grows. Two are mine, ones my sisters and the others my house mates.  Maybe 1 day I’ll get the whole collection.  Just missing section80 and Mr. Moral.
This gives me joy – no more needed.

Go buy shit that you like, don’t spend money on stupid things like toothbrushes. It’s like soap, its self-cleaning right?

Echo n Out 


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