Spoiled kids – By @lemacadesyeux

Zac Mehdid

By Zac Mehdid


Spoiled kids


Last week, we got to work with students from Sup de Pub – the best ad school in France – for the first time on a new product development brief. Here’s a brief explanation on how it worked:

– God divides the class into 5 categories: confectionery, laundry, personal hygiene, ready meal, alcohol

– We get into teams of two and get assigned one or two French students to work with us. Our team had one.

– Start of the two day brief – mine was confectionery by the way

It was a very insightful experience. More on the team than the work itself.

Indeed, working with the French made me realize something quite important: us SCAers are a bunch of fucking spoiled kids. Not only are we in a soon-to-be amazing studio – currently work on progress – with proper tables to work on, we are also surrounded by amazing mentors, staff, and fellow creatives. But what struck me the most was the hunger for great ideas, the “never satisfied” mindset, the high but friendly and fair competition that we have, which many of them French don’t. I mean, we would never say “ok let’s go for this idea, it’s good enough” after 10 minutes of brainstorming. Why bother coming to school at all then?

Moreover, we also have the chance to be taught amazing creative techniques and life changing insights everyday. That’s not something anyone would piss on.


Sorry for the weirdness of this SCAB, but this is my way of saying “thank God for letting me into this incredible class”, although I don’t believe in God.

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