Squirrelled away! By @Arthur_Art_Dir

Arthur Harry

By Arthur Harry


Squirrelled away!


The Dean advised us to seek the squirrel within us, and I couldn’t agree more. 


This creature can store up to 60 times its size, deceive its fellow chestnut lovers with elaborate fake burying displays, fall to rise again without getting injured, and has big eyes to see what is behind as well as what is in front of him.

Its little body hides an anormous pannel of features necessary to survive in its merciless environment.


Like the squirrel, I see storing and referencing as an essential mechanism of any creative process.

Indeed innovation wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t born from what precedes it. There is no such thing as totally new patterns, rather they thrive and are inspired by their older versions. Always look back and you will feel what needs to be changed and twisted.

Like the squirrel, seek for a meaning in every little things and everything will appear greater.  

Like the squirrel, I see falling as a way to learn and evolve.


So I store, I store, I store and eat. 


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