You Need To Get Out More – By @Osagie81

You Need To Get Out More

Since the pandemic began it’s become easier to live inside your own head. 

Which explains how I only realised on Friday last week that I’d ventured outside twice since Sunday.

I definitely should go outside more than I did last week.

But I probably won’t. At least not for the next 17 days.

Because the 23rd of March is the D&AD New Blood deadline.

I don’t really want to write about that in this SCAB.

Precisely because it’s all I seem to be talking about at the moment.

To fellow students.

To my other half.

To the Tesco guy that did the delivery this week.

For the record, the Tesco guy that did the delivery this week has no particular preference between McDonalds and Burger King burger-wise.

But he said he was more likely to go to McDonalds given the choice, because the fries are better.

How about that for a universal truth.

If you are reading this Tesco delivery guy (which you most probably aren’t) thanks in advance for when I crack that brief. I’m blaming forgetting your name on New Blood madness.

Which I am definitely not going to write about in this SCAB.

Except to say that after the deadline passes, I want to have given it my best shot.

Because speculating about what could have been is not a useful thing to do.

That said, I sometimes find myself wondering about the time I randomly met (accosted is probably more appropriate than met) Guy Ritchie – back when he was just dating Madonna – and asked him for a job on his next film (which would have been Snatch). Would my life be different if I had followed it up? In this parallel universe I could be BFFs with Jason Statham…

I told you I’d been living inside my own head.

It’s going to get cosy in there for the next 17 days…

I’ll remember to open a window every now and then.

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