State of AI

We live in a very interesting time. Nowadays, you can create an image that you can put up in a gallery just by typing in a few commands to an AI software. AI users can create work that has the same style as an artist that dedicated years of his time to their process in just a few clicks of a button. The question is, is this a threat to the creative industries? In my opinion yes and no.

AI is the future and that’s true, but for something, that’s going to be this revolutionary it has its problems. First of all, AI does not create original images. AI data sets are trained by consuming billions of images of Art that real artists have created without the artist’s consent. This leads to regular AI users creating very similar images to art that already exists. This can lead to a lot of problems like damaging an artist’s reputation and disrespecting the artist’s process which the artist dedicates their life to perfect. AI doing this is a very obvious problem and artists are right to be mad about it. This situation. If AI is going to be as big as it’s predicted to be moving forward it shouldn’t have unethical problems like this. AI stealing artists’ work is a major problem and it’s possible because copyright laws for AI don’t exist, probably because AI is a fairly new thing. Hopefully, this gets dealt with soon.

I think other than this AI actually could be a great tool to enhance creativity. It’s a good way to express your ideas visually. Most, images that have been created by AI are usually stuff that you can tell was created by AI. They have that vibe to them. This is probably because of the data sets. AI should be used to enhance work that is already original.

Answering the question, AI is a threat to creativity. Yes, it might create work that is almost the same quality as work that has been created in hundreds of hours and it can do it in minutes as well as create hundreds of iterations of that work. This is a threat in terms of the labour that goes behind that work. This could be exhausting for artists but AI doesn’t have the technology to consume passion yet. Passion is what’s behind most of the best creative pieces of work. I would say if companies are happy with work that’s only pleasing to the eye, AI could be a threat, but I believe that humans are capable of creating original and much better quality work than AI.

AI is crazy, and I think that it’s gonna be a big thing moving forward, but creativity is endless. The millions and billions of intel that AI data sets consume are not enough to overthrow what a creative mind can come up with if pushed hard enough. When cameras first came to be, people said they would end art, instead, they became a tool to enhance the art. I think AI is the same case. AI software companies just have to make it right to make AI as ethical as possible.


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