Stay away from the booze – By @iamvandale

Adeline Dechaud

By Adeline Dechaud


Stay away from the booze

There’s always been a massive debate about how drinking and taking drugs can be a source of inspiration for any creative work.

Don’t even try to play the smart-ass by quoting Nietzsche to me: For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic society or perception to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication.

Because as much as I love him, this is complete bollocks.

Marc has been telling us more than once how Marie-Jane can mess up with your brain, that yes of course she would bring you some ideas but your brain would be so messed up you wouldn’t be able to know if the idea is actually good or not. And you wouldn’t be able to craft it or realise it because of your procrastinating brain anyway.

Good thing this last one makes me feel completely paranoid therefore is not a temptation at all.

So of course you can give me examples of geniuses like Van Gogh, Bukowski or even Amy Winehouse, all intoxicated to the bones. But for all of these, you have tons of thousands of creatives whose names we’ll never know, drowned in their intoxication.

Any kind of drug is bad for your creativity. But not only. Even cigarettes are bad. When you go out to get some fresh air but intoxicate your brain and lungs while hurting the rest of your body, it does not make you creative. At all. (ask me why I’m still a smoker and I will answer you: Marc, can I have a vape, please?)

And same goes with alcohol.

6 weeks at SCA only and I’m already a (too) regular customer at the well known and beloved Market House.

After having to face some days at the studio where my brain was struggling to focus more than 9minutes, I can tell you and Boy, Oh boy, you better trust me: you have to stay away from the booze. No, seriously.

Respect your body, respect your mind. Stay the f*ck away from the booze (at least 6 times a week, so everyday apart from Friday).

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