Swing With the Left.

“SCA’s the coach on the sidelines that hands the water, wipes off the blood then tells me to swing with the left”

I’m not going to lie, my personal life has taken me into the boxing ring and knocked me around like a pinball machine this past month.  SCA has been the coach on the sidelines that hands the water, wipes off the blood, then tells me to swing with the left. The workload and pressure is a warm electric blanket and it’s not even turned on yet. 

That’s not to say it’s all been plain sailing. Adjusting to a world online while many of my classmates are all together is sometimes hard and frustrating. But, I am starting to warm up, so are my classmates, to this quasi-online-offline constellation.  I am even missing England now, which is really odd. 

I am just amazed at how fast it’s going through, and the strides I am making. Still, a long long way to go, if I am to reach the goals and Adobe levels I need to really make a splash. But talking to Ian, Pete, Marc or anyone for any length of time really helps you re-think and think again, to think as a new you. 

For you are always new.  Your cells change and swap out again constantly so by 6 months, old you is dead. Yet. Pesky minds still hold on to us as a baby, and SCA makes us kill those babies, so new ideas about the brief, or just yourself, can protrude through the composted piles of SCAMPs and dead skin.  

Scamping has been so good though. It’s kind of the first thing that’s really become second nature just to do! It’s also really helpful, I would say that through my poetry, I’m a writer who thinks in pictures but can’t draw. Scamping is perfect to practise quick and ideas as they come. The challenge is figuring out if any of them are any good, and neatening up the diamonds.  Works great over zoom.  

If there is one thing I want to master at this point of the course it is kinetic type, I really just want to nail all the twists and turns change plays on words to really play with the words on the page, still really excited to crack into that and then strap a line over the screens of who’s ever watching so there eyes melt. 

Now at this point, I was going to write out a poem I posted a piece of as part of our group SCAB on Black history month. The poem is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long though, so I won’t, what I will do is hand you over to my friend and poetic mentor Naniso. The video was filmed in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. 

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