Team by Team – this is us….


By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


Team by Team – this is us….


Charlie & Søren – deaf dumb and blind


Jacqui + Annie = The two heads of the spiky creative beast that is Gru the Hedge(hog). Together, they control a Frankenstein’s monster of cultural standpoints, experience and taste, all driven by a curious hunger for the intelligent and bizarre.


Nathan & Larry – This is what happens when a chess-boxing dj teams up with a gastrophile film director to tell stories for and about brands.


Jo & El – Combined age of 109. Never been to Vietnam. El is rarely seen in public.


Duke & Mads / – We believe our cultural concoction of a team makes for great work, or at the very least a half decent sitcom.


Nina & Tom:
Nina grew up with lion cubs. When she travels, she stores a block of cheddar in the bedside table. Tom was conceived in the Volkswagen beetle. He thinks he can rap.


Marcella & Eytan’s Oath:

We swear to cause insightful, subversive, predatorial, creative mischief, one team thirsty to learn, with the drive to change the world.

To Laugh

To Roam

To Learn


Teddy and Frazer: Wobble.


Rob & Dounia: Entente Cordiale


Pugh & Kugge — When a silent g meets a hard g.


Ash + James – The Why Nott-ers




JARLSTROM & TABASTOT: (busy working)


Change behavior – Jezza + Edwina


Horrocks & Dale – Driven by a shared passion for teeny tiny objects. Together, they created the teeniest, tiniest coffee on planet earth. See The Guinness Book of World Records for more information.  


Ben Lambert + Alex Mawby = BLAM  

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