Ten Ways – By @_helenasmith

By Helena Smith



Ten Ways

When I’m working alone I find quite hard to not go deep into my own head and overthink. Recently I (think) have got better at making sure this doesn’t happen. And, as I’m sure it’s not a problem only I suffer from, I thought I’d share a few things I do to make sure I stay in that all important, playful child mode.

  1. Do something you saw someone doing that you thought was weird. No word of a lie on the tube the other day I was opposite someone peeling grapes. In the spirit of understanding, I gave it a go. Wasn’t worth it.
  2. Try something you could never conquer as a child e.g. juggle.
  3. Make someone jump.
  4. Hold eye contact with someone for longer than usual. You will be surprised how even the oldest of your friends find this uncomfortable.
  5. Sporadically sprint when walking (also a quick way to cross of number 3).
  6. Draw genitalia. As much as I hate to admit there is nothing like a good boob or willy drawing to bring out my inner child.
  7. Give someone a prank call.
  8. Read a kid’s book.
  9. Funny cat videos (oldie but a goodie).
  10. Tense butt cheeks one at a time along with a rhythm (harder than it sounds)

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