Thank You – By Max Lom-Bor

Max Lom-Bor

By Max Lom-Bor


Thank You


I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you, to everyone. I want this piece of writing to serve as a reminder to myself and others to seize this opportunity. I’m finally in a place where I belong, and this thanks has been long long overdue. 


Like some others who find themselves here, my life has been riddled with social anxiety, emotional explosions and gradually dwindling ambition (don’t worry this isn’t ALL going to be an XFactor thingy). But I’ve always felt like I was on the outside of a room, looking in. I never really had drive and I was perfectly happy living in the shadows, or so I thought. My supposed self confidence was a front for my crippling fear of being outed as a fraud, still is a bit. (Ah, that felt good to write). You know that odd feeling you get when your daydreaming through life for about ten minutes then suddenly feel like your jolted back to life and are conscious again? No? Oh well I do, that’s what joining this place was like, like being jolted for the first time. 


Anyhoo, the last few weeks I’ve gathered stories about how people got into SCA, none of which I’ll be sharing. However, these astonishing people have held multiple jobs, saved up for years, battled adversity, embarrassed themselves, left their home cities behind in the knowledge that this was their opportunity and their one chance.


I didn’t do that, not really. This made me realise I have no right to complain about the pressure or the work load, I have been gifted this opportunity by my parents. Who were gifted their opportunities in life by their parents. In the knowledge that some may resent this, I apologise, we play the hand we’re dealt, but it doesn’t mean I’m not eternally grateful. So, this is a thank you to my folks, and to all of you for making this strange little Church my new home. 


Being given direct access to incredible minds, leading innovators and inspiring speakers is an absolute privilege, my expectations of this course were surpassed a long time ago. I now need to make my own luck and own opportunities, which is (insert dramatic swear word) terrifying. 


We are a rare breed of minds on this course, we’ve all been through a lot, emotionally, physically and psychologically. I cannot fathom the talent I’m surrounded by. I feel like I learn and grow up every day and am making friends for life more and more. I want to thank all the students for giving me energy and keeping me constantly laughing. Also the mentors, who give me an absolute confidence battering, which keeps me alive. The faculty obviously deserve a mention too, for sorting out my life about every 4-6 hours. 


So when you re-read this Max, remember how damn lucky you are to be doing what your doing with the support around you. Because I know you’re going to look back on this as one of the best years of your life. So go on, get on with it.


P.s. If Marc is still trying to make you sing the blues in public when you read this back, retract every kind word.

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