Thanks for Hav(ing)as us -Group SCAB

Dear Havas,

Thank you for welcoming us to end our week in your office on Friday. The view from the auditorium was almost as beautiful as your 2016 Heathrow Christmas ad, but not quite. (Jem)


Thank you to Elliot for his advice, as well as keeping the drinks flowing once the fridges closed. (Joe)


Your insights and advice were as awe-inspiring as the view, and the booze wasn’t bad either. (Meg)


Seeing ex-SCA students thriving in your agency was so encouraging. We can’t wait to join you all in Adland! (Poppy)


It was a real treat to escape Brixton early on a Friday afternoon and pop over to share our reflections with you all at Havas to end our week. We hope you found the experience as amusing as ourselves! Now let’s see about breaking those bad habits… (Susan)


It was indeed a blast, to learn more about your amazing agency, so don’t be strangers, you are welcome in Brixton anytime. (Christian)


Inspiring place with inspiring people. Thank you for having us and massive well done to Chrissy and Max (Gnome)


Thanks for sharing those reflections, it’s nice to see we all have these bad habits, no matter how minuscule they seem. The energy Havas has is the boost and drive which keeps us going. Thanks for having us Havas! (Zoe)


It was great to see a creative department that champions young talent. We really enjoyed hearing from the school’s alumni and seeing what they’ve been up to since starting at Havas. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to as well. (Phil)


There was no better way to visualize a possible future. I feel even more inspired by experiencing the great people, thinking, and possibilities to change the world our industry offers via agencies like Havas. Extremely grateful for your hospitality and excited for you to see our progress. (Helena)  


How amazing it is to hear from an agency that your outside passions are what makes you, you. It is important for us to feed our souls so we can bring ourselves in our agency. You’re not a creative if you create ads only. We can’t thank you enough for this wisdom. (Adeline)


It’s experiences like this, and agencies like you, that make me want to keep going and pushing limits. (Jonoth∆n)


It was great to see the Havas-SCA partnership in action, working together and producing really insightful work. (Becky)


I wish I could take part in the afternoon in Havas, but a big thank you to SCA for the opportunities they give us. Also a grateful thank you to Havas for having us and share with us their universe. (Marion)


Sharing this afternoon and evening with you was rewarding on so many points, so thank you so much for sharing all that advertising wisdom -even the failures! Because they are interesting too. (Kim)


Seeing SCA students sharing insights on working in (and outside of) Havas was so inspiring, definitely gave me a boost to keep working my bum off! (Andrea)


You guys showed that even though you are a big agency, it can still feel like a family (Helena)


The welcoming Paddington statue reminded me that next year I am looking for a new home– and Havas looks so comfy… (Pietro)


Since starting the SCA, we’ve been to so many different agencies, some big and some small. A handful of these agencies seemed so uninspired. Havas was so different and amazing. It was really refreshing to see how invested you are in young emerging talent, and it was a great afternoon (Elliot)


Thank you for having the SCA in your home, and for sharing your experience with us. (Manon)


I can totally imagine myself walking in those impressing design offices and being constantly distracted by this amazing view… Yes I’m a big dreamer (Léa)


It seems that was a great afternoon with you, I’m so disappointed to miss this event (Gauthier)


If I worked in that building I’d never leave. In fact, maybe I haven’t. Turn round, Elliot… (Nick)


Thanks for hosting the amazing afternoon, full of insights, reflections, and wise words. (Martin)


I’m really disappointed not to have been part of this amazing experience, which the others have told me so much about! Thank you for having us! I’m looking forward to meeting you next time. (Emma)


Thank you, Havas, for having us, this was such an impressive afternoon. Your building is incredible and thank you again; it was great learning for us (Eve)


You shared your building, we shared our bad habits. Hopefully one day we’ll share your success. (Sara)


Havas setting the benchmark for hospitality, be prepared to be inundated with nosey students loitering around you big glass doors. Peace and love, (Josh)


Thank you, Havas, for sharing your beautiful views and wisdom with us. You all made us all feel welcome and at home, and the way you treat our alumni makes us all want to come work for you. (Petra)


Although your kids don’t appreciate your advice, we certainly do Elliot. Thanks for having us along it was a pleasure. (Henry)


Thank you for having us. So good to remember why we are all here and what we are aiming for. (Holly)

Big thanks for the peek into your amazing world.



Havas was somewhat like seeing my grandparents, except I was given wine over tea and wanted to stay rather than being held against my own will. (Ben)


I missed this afternoon but I’ve been to Havas in September, it was amazing, we visited all the offices. It’s was beautiful and it’s such a creative cocoon. (Lucas)


I wasn’t there, unfortunately, but your great stories reached all the way to Amsterdam. Can’t wait to meet you next time. (Eva)


Thank you for having us. Thank you for the wisdom. It’s always comforting to see SCA students making it and being able to produce great work for Havas. (Christopher)


I wish I was there, I missed this great afternoon but thank you, Havas, for having SCA. (Chirine)


This building is such an inspiring place, it was an amazing meeting. Thanks to the alumni for sharing their work and to everyone for all the advice given! (Clara)


Thank you so much for having us and for all the invaluable advice! (Holly)


In most meetings, we need alcohol that we usually don’t have. It was great being in a meeting that would have been awesome even without alcohol! (Melina)


Havas is sort of like a dream job, when you’ve been in Havas, any door can open. (Mathilde)


Havas was such a great experience, the facilities and ambiance was very inspiring, who wouldn’t want to be a part of it. (Dalva)


I came away with a warm feeling of assurance that I was definitely, definitely, doing the right thing with my life. (Alysha)


Searching for words, I realized that to express gratitude it is always best to keep it simple and sincere. So a huge thank you for having us in your beautiful agency.

And thank you for taking the extra time to listen to our reflections. (Dune)


Thank you, Havas, for having us, we learned a lot and we look forward meeting all of you again. (Dan)


Welcomed with open arms and left with a lasting impression. (James)


Thanks to everyone from Havas who came along to our presentation and gave us their time, and even more so to Elliot and Steph who green-lighted the sponsorship for facilitating the whole thing! (Steve)


Massive thanks for this friendly (and comfortable) welcome. Inspiring to see SCA fellows making their way through. Cheers, (Gary)


Thank you, Havas, for an amazing afternoon and all the insights we took from you. (Rita)


Well, there are 31 “Thanks” to this message (32 now as I’m writing) so I really hope you know how much we enjoyed and appreciated visiting. It feels great knowing there are people who really want us to do well and are such big supporters of the school. Hope to see you guys again soon! (Rachel)


We’d love to return your wonderful hospitality, so hopefully, we will see you at our Christmas party on the 21st of December.


Lots of love,


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