The ad I’m going to beat. By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


The ad I’m going to beat.

There’s a student spec ad floating around online.
“Dear Brother” by Johnnie Walker.
Filmed in the Isle of Skye, the video has nearly reached 3 million views.
It tugs at the heart strings.
Is beautifully executed and narrated.
Bags of story.
I watched this thinking it was BBH as usual. Until I saw that it was a student team behind it.
After that I felt an envy grow inside me.
Have you ever seen something and just thought “fuck you”, “I wish I’d made that”.
Until now I’d only seen great student case study videos. D&AD new blood, future lions, cream winning stuff.
Now though, the bar has been set higher. This video beats a lot of agency work.
It wouldn’t look out of place in a Super Bowl commercial break.
Why can’t I make that?
It’s not so hard to make a well produced video in this day and age. Even on iPhones.
At the school, I couldn’t be surrounded by better people to help bring a great video to life. Great mentors for guidance and a huge network to tap into.
So, i’ve set myself a New Years Resolution. Set in stone in this SCAB.
I’ll leave SCA with a bigger, better spec ad.
It’ll be hard, and I’ll need help. It’ll also take time, and probably won’t squeeze it’s way into a portfolio brief. So what a great passion project this may turn out to be.
For now though, it’s time to let term 1 soak in. Reorganise my life, without taking the foot of the pedal.
Much scamping and reading to be done over the Christmas break.
Also time to spend catching up with old friends and enjoying life outside of advertising.
Just sitting at home for the last few hours I’ve watched more general TV than maybe the whole time spent at SCA. Unbelievable considering my chosen career path is to make stuff that goes on TV.
I’m looking forward to seeing my dogs, and going do sleep at night without police sirens screaming past my bedroom window down Brixton Hill every night.
From Brixton centre to countryside village, a boring but welcome change for a while.
Merry Christmas from myself and everyone at Coup.
And watch this space dear brother

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