The agency to which I belong

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The agency to which I belong


First of all, I know what most of you are going to tell me : « We are not the ones who decide, agencies make their choices ! ». My answer to that? Bullshit!

You won’t get BBH unless you ask for it. This is only on you and what you’re ready to do to get it.

Then, what you need the most is a belief, a faith. Without knowing anything about what the agencies believe, find your own! What is YOUR faith? Why are you getting out of bed every morning? It can be anything ! You just have to know what it is. Then it will be way easier.

Once you find what is your most important belief, find someone in the industry (mostly creative directors) who share the same belief as you. Find someone who cares about what you care about. Find someone, and make him your own mentor. Try to meet him, ask him for a coffee, maybe two if it works well, talk with him, try to get his point of view on previous generations of advertising, the current one, and the next one. Learn from him, take advice without never losing your own purpose. Find THE right job. The more you will learn from people currently working in advertising, the more you will belong to this charming industry!

Second, focus on editing your portfolio so that it is closer to your mentor’s beliefs! Don’t try to sell the same portfolio everywhere in the same way. Creative directors know how it works. Find a way to change your work as regularly as possible. Adapt it to your agency, don’t forget that your first client is your employer. So your pitch needs to be the best that you ever did. Once you have done that, there is not so much to worry about, just don’t forget the brilliant ideas!

Now that I have given a lesson about what you should do to get a job in advertising, I will try to listen to my own advice. But it was good to feel like a mentor on this SCAB! They are successful creatives and inspiring people. 

Perhaps some day, I will walk on this magic wood floor as a mentor. It would mean that I have succeeded, that I learnt enough from Marc and our mentors to be a part of this world! Until this day, please excuse me, I have to go back to work.

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