The Best Excuses In The World – By @DrewDavies94

Drew Davies

By Drew Davies


The Best Excuses In The World


“I’m a creative.”*

It’s one of the very best excuses to do almost anything,

right up there with “don’t worry I’m an art student” or the very pinnacle “I am, infact, an artist.”**

It may well be the best perk of the job, closely

followed by actually being creative.

Get creative using the excuse of being creative –

but incase you’re in search of some inspiration here’s lovely little list to start you off.

Saying the magic words “I’m a creative” is a valid

excuse to:

  • Wear tracksuits into work
  • Watch people
  • Follow people
  • Talk to people
  • Watch people kissing each other
  • Watch people kissing each other whilst writing in a notebook
  • Watch Frozen
  • Watch Frozen with a child and watch them watching Frozen
  • Watch more TV
  • Order Indian takeaways from every borough in London
  • Call a hotline
  • Wear different coloured socks
  • Tell people you’re better than them
  • Send a picture to your teacher of you doing substances off your partner’s
  • privates  to be displayed in front of potential employers at a party
  • Drink a toffee (tea & coffee)
  • Disagree with popular views
  • Rollerblade
  • Walk without a purpose, for not all that wander are lost
  • Do mind expanding drugs
  • Gatecrash a party
  • Find out of many potatoes you would need to line up, side by side, to
  • bridge the gap between our planet and the moon
  • Have one drink at the pub before taking a brisk walk home
  • Just sit on a bench
  • Play the number 10 position with the vision of the magician – Philippe
  • Coutinho
  • Hand in your scab a day late?

*Disclaimer: 100% guaranteed effectiveness, however,

you will sound like an absolute dick.

**Research suggests that this may well be the most effective marriage of words in the English language or any of them other


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