The power of fresh air

The last couple of weekends now, I make it my priority to go for a long walk, whether that be traipsing around the park or pushing my way through the hustle and bustle in town. 

For whatever reason the colder the air the easier I’m finding it to chill out, literally, just taking time out of your weekend to venture somewhere new has been a serious godsend. Balancing a busy life at SCA hasn’t been the simplest of things to manage, it’s fun but no way no is it easy. With more briefs and work thrown at you, like offering a handful of nuts to a squirrel, got you looking like this:

My advice whenever you’re in this situation, digesting a crap load of work you’ve been given, put those nostrils to good use and BREATHE! 

Walking, I’m finding, is the best way to reset my batteries, and just really being aware of my thoughts helps with finding the energy to go again every week. Even simple goals like just breathing through the nose. The power of that crisp fresh air, really clears does wonders for your head. However, my favourite thing has been the decision to leave the headphones at home and just soak up all the noise, from trees rustling or hearing the whistle and overly keen Mum’s and Dad’s shouting at their kid’s Sunday league game. Just hearing how people communicate with one another has done wonders for coming up with headlines recently.  

But it is great. I’ve always seen something new every time, heard something new and quite frankly smelt something new, good or bad. Even this weekend, I walked my friend’s dog, never owning one before :-(, and the time to connect with him over throwing a stick was actually bliss. I even saw snow, how magic is that! 

If you want my pro tip about finding time to chill out, celebrate it with a pint of Guinness. Works every time! 


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