The best lines of writing we did for Deanna and Sola- Class of 2017/18

Adeline: “Food is like a supporting Mum kissing you on a forehead.


Alysha: ‘Fatigue sounds hoarse and croaky, and speaks in a language that is monotonous and dry. It says, simply, and repetitively, ‘I’m so tired’, but means to recite the entirety of this poem, in long and breathy takes.’ – A very dreary line of a very dreary poem, but I was proud of how it encapsulated being completely devoid of energy (I was falling ill when I wrote it, otherwise I’m sure I would have picked a sunnier subject matter).


Ben: “Scared like the first day of school, the unyielding new. Soft to graphic images hard to open arms” – personifying words was a new experience, definitely welcome.


Clara: “The white shadow was floating above the mountains”. It was literally what I saw when we had to close our eyes to meet our creativity. So apparently my creativity looks like a white shadow with a human shape but without a face.


Dan: ‘I was raised by bees’ thought it would be cool to be raised by bees. Got on a train of thought about all the technicalities. Was a bit of a rollercoaster.


Dune : “For, in this Kingdom I am worthy…”


Emma : “Creativity is like the twin you don’t always see but with whom you’re always deeply connected”. This line was written after the guided meditation we did with Sola. He asked guided us to our mind, where our imagination wonders, and I pictured a world and personified my creativity. I felt so close to this shape/person, but at the same time, I had to focus and let everything go in order to meet it, even though it is always there.


Eve : “I don’t know this experience was weird” It was the actual feeling that I had during Sola Masterclass, but in the same time, I was crazy ( good crazy)


Gauthier : In this kingdom, we are all kings


Gnome: It juggles like a clown who hasn’t practiced.


Helena: Hunger is shoes without feet, a memory of when he wasn’t there, a tree that falls but no one is around to hear it.


Holly T: She will give you a gift of pumpkin pie. It will be warm and she will serve it in a tin that your mother used to own.


Joe: Alright is a sentence in itself. Alright is Michael Caine, alright is a raised glass, alright is a bowed head and a raise of the eyes. – I didn’t realise how many words reminded me of the word ‘alright’


Jonothan: “The Dyson stock market is fairly steady” – I started with a metaphor about brooms.


Josh: Calm wanders slowly down cobbled streets, no destination in mind but with just enough purpose to end up where it wants to.


Manon: “A big empty room… Never been here before”
During Sola’s class about visual creativity


Marion: “It died sometimes. But you can make it reborn. You just need to feed it.”

I wrote this during Sola’s class, about my creativity. I like this sentence because you can say it for a lot of things, not just creativity. In fact, I think all your life is about that. IIt’s never lost, you have to work on it to achieve your goals.


Martin: Your eyes are like cash from the ATM or an ice-cold Coke.

Your breath smells like toothpaste or fresh made Popcorn.

You move like a jet ski driving straight out into the ocean or

like an Ethiopian runner leading the race.

You are like a never used coin.

You say to me,: Here I am, I know you were waiting a long time.
Give me a hug. Touch me, feel me, smell me, I am totally yours now.

the word is fabric


Meg: “My creativity is like a fickle cat waiting for food”, I chose this because cats can be a*holes and only play ball when they want feeding, much like my creativity with its peaks and troughs.

Petra: “Happiness is a little girl in a red dress”, a great personal reminder that happiness lives in the little moments and you can catch them every day, just like a child.


Phil: Creativity is feather dancing in the wind. The more you want to stretch out and grasp it, the more it flits away. Until you forget the feather, forget the wind, then it floats down gently to rest on your shoulder.


Rita: “I don’t want to say no to anything. I don’t want to stop doing things that make me who I am”. It is pretty clear, this wasn’t my best metaphor day. I’ve chose it because this is a constant thought in my mind and one of my biggest concerns.


Sara: “breath like the sea air, soft currents of rough salt”, I liked the contrast between hard and soft, and it made me miss being by the sea.


Steve: On my creativity: “An aloof parent with occasional gifts” – new realms of depth! Also quite accurate and didn’t realise I felt like this.


Susan: ‘I wish it was free delivery.’ – Twyla is so right with this tiny comment. Everyone really does alway wish it was free delivery. This can stand as a metaphor for so many things.


Twyla: Prejudice both whispers and screams in the ear of the people who desperately need someone to follow.


Philly: “Writing around people changes what I want to say.” – I only realized this when I wrote it down in Sola’s class. It could be interesting to write in different locations and see what comes out.

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